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Show Season 2019!

Congrats to all of our riders on a fantastic season!

Summer Camp Dates 2021:

Camp 1: June 8-10

Camp 2: June 14-17

Camp 3: June 21-23

Camp 4: June 28-July 1

Camp 5: July 13-16
(Tuesday- Friday)

Camp 6: July 19-21
(Monday- Wednesday)

Camp 7: July 26-29
(Monday- Thursday)

Camp 8: August 9-11
(Monday- Wednesday

Please call or send a message to Hunter's Run to be waitlisted for your desired camp.
Updated: 4/30/21

Registration forms are available! Click here!

Click here : Participants MUST follow our Covid-19 safety guidelines to ensure everyone stays safe & healthy

Electronically send your registration by email and Venmo your $50 deposit OR mail the registration and $50 camp deposit together. If you choose Venmo please include the participant’s name in the memo.

Contact Deb/Suz for registration information: 734-856-2404

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